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Wedding photographer in Stockholm



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Matilda Söderström

Wedding photographer Stockholm

A down-to-earth wedding photographer

I am Matilda Söderstöm, a portrait and wedding photographer in Stockholm, Sweden. I serve wedding couples and families since 2008 with a vision of providing down-to-earth, gorgeous and personal imagery through a joyful, relaxed and exciting experience of a photo shoot.

Beloved photographer

Since January 2016, I am also on a journey of educating myself in the Beloved concept, hoping to be a certified photographer in 2016. By developing myself as a photographer I want to provide you with an opportunity and safe space to connect with your family or partner, finding new sides of yourself and see yourself in a new light.

…with travel fever, travel bugs and in explorer mode

A huge part of my personal journey is my love of traveling, which takes me to all the continents of the world.  In 2016 I have work trips booked to ZürichLondon and Reykjavik. I welcome all requests, wherever you are and whoever you love.

wedding photographer stockholm

Recent work

  • familjefotografering stockholm

    19 May Noomi

    Under våren har jag gått igenom en resa som fotograf där jag har fått chans att reflektera och utveckla vad jag gör och hur jag gör det. Det känns som extremt viktigt att ta tid till i alla yrk...

  • parfotografering stadshuset

    07 May Emelie & Arian

    För två veckor sedan genomförde jag min certifiering i Beloved konceptet. Detta innebar att jag genomförde en parfotografering med fantastiskt duktiga kollegan och beloved-läraren Linda Rehlin d...

  • family photo session in switzerland

    02 May Leon

    The privilege to follow and document a family's journey from pregnant to newborn becomes even grander when it's a close friends journey. In my case, it was my first close friend who became a father. I...

  • shoreditch engagement photo session

    29 Apr Victoria & John

    I have been very fortunate this year so far, as I have met some absolutely amazing people and seen new places thanks to my work. My last work trip went to London, this crazy city that I first visited ...

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