Wedding photographer in Stockholm | Matilda Söderström
Matilda Söderström photographer
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i am Matilda Söderström

A down-to-earth wedding photographer in Stockholm, Sweden
summer camp wedding

I am also of the opinion that people tend to have many layers of themselves and I am no different. Wedding photography is a huge part of my life since I devote many hours of my week to build relationships to my clients but also my network of colleagues. However, a huge part of my life has also been devoted to youth work in many different ways. I studied international social work and visited places like South Africa and Zambia where I worked with youth at risk.


Back home in Sweden I have been involved most of my life with YMCA and spent all my summers at a summer camp outside my hometown Norrköping. I was also a photographer and coach with the creative agency and youth empowering project The Good Talents in Botkyrka, a suburb of Stockholm. Today I am no longer volunteering but am employed part time as a high school counsellor and mentor and love every minute of it. Both of my professions mean the world to me and I can’t chose between them.

9 years of amazing adventures


My view of the wedding business is plain and simple. It is a party to celebrate your love with your loved ones. This means that I tend to focus on the relationships that emerge in front of my lense and capture this in the best way possible. I know how important the material things such as beautiful dresses, rings, cakes and decorations are and truly appreciate the art around it. This will never slip by my lenses either. My goal is always to provide you with a slideshow of images that truly touches your heart and makes you feel: “How lucky am I to have such amazing people around me? I am so loved and I love these people with all my heart”.



When I go into your wedding day I do it with all my heart, and there is no better feeling than having couples telling me that it felt like I was more like a dear friend, there for their wedding.


Building meaningful and deep relationships is my driving force.