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newborn family photo


newborn family photo

Newborn family photo in Norrköping

Language fascinates me. And in this case I don’t necessarily mean the spoken one. I met this beautiful family from Iceland, who recently moved to Norrköping, for a newborn family photo session with their newborn daughter and two very proud older siblings. Despite it being somewhat a challenge for me to communicate in Swedish with the kids, I felt so amazed how they connected with their little sister and showed so much affection and curiosity without me asking them. Language of children is truly special and beautiful to witness.

I am so happy to announce that I will be traveling to Iceland in October (and most likely several times during the autumn, but more on that later) and would be really happy to take more bookings while I am there. Let me know if you are interested in a special deal!


Ég er svo ánægð að tilkynna að ég mun vera að ferðast til Íslands í október (og líklega nokkrum sinnum á hausti, en meira um það síðar) og væri mjög fús til að taka fleiri bókanir en ég er þar. Láttu mig vita ef þú hefur áhuga á sérstöku samningur! (sorry, google translate 🙂 )

Matilda Söderström


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