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Playful summer camp wedding in the archipelago // F+J

summer camp wedding

Playful summer camp wedding in the archipelago

It’s not everyday you create a GIF. I can honestly say I never had – until I met this couple. It was clear from the start that with their many facial expressions I simply had to capture them in more than a still photograph. So I went ahead and made a GIF of them. And they loved it! I am not sure if they would appreciate very much if I showed it here. So I won’t. What I wanted to say with this beginning is that every story has a beginning and some of them you never forget. I will never forget when I sat on the commuter train in London on my way to a client in april 2016 and received an email. I will never forget how I called my future client and friend F by her last name (because I am stupid.) I will also never forget how their portrait that they attached of themselves made me smile. How I thought to myself: what an effort they have put in to this first request, I just can’t wait to get to know them.


Shortly after this we met in their home. They asked me how much I liked garlic. I thought I may as well be honest and said I don’t eat it as much as I probably should, would this be a problem?. They wanted to make sure I would be happy coming over for dinner and also enjoy their wedding buffet. We concluded that we could still be working well together and ye am I happy the garlic didn’t cause a problem! What if I had not had the chance to be part of this summer camp wedding weekend!? It feels like one of those things that was always meant to be and I think we mutual decided that just as much as F& J were meant to be, so were we.


summer camp wedding



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Bröllopsvideo from FilmUs on Vimeo.

Second shooter: GMKfoto // Wedding videographer: FilmUs // Caterer: Grannköket Catering // Venue: Storholmens kollo // Flowers: N Bröllopsflorist // Bowtie: BeWooden // Wedding dress: ASOS //

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