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Invite me to meet your family. With my base in Stockholm and studio located in Årsta I am flexible to meet your needs. Underneath you can see my prices for family photography and different styles of shoots.

Family photo session at home

Price: from 3.000 SEK incl. VAT

newborn family photo
Beloved couple shoot (aka date night)

Prices from 2.500 SEK incl. VAT

beloved session in norrköping
Family photo session in the studio

Prices: from 2.500 SEK incl. VAT

family reunion in stockholm
Pregnancy photo session on location or at home

from 3000 SEK

“…if you only knew how sincerely happy I am that we made this photo session. It’s images that me and the children will carry close to our hearts for the rest of our lives”

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Matilda Söderström

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